The next Tenerife Comedy Club
is Saturday 6th December 2014

Tenerife Comedy Club - Christmas Special!
Ian Cognito, Wouter Meijs, Danny Ward & MC Chris Brooker
Date: Saturday 6th December 2014
Doors open 8.00pm
Showtime, Karting Las Americas
20€ residents; 25€ non-residents
(+34) 669 622 622
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About the comedians:
Ian Cognito remains as one of the Tenerife Comedy Club audiences all time favourite comedians!
An hour trapped in a room with Ian Cognito is something you won’t forget. He’s probably the most talented stand-up that you’ve never heard of, despite being a regular on the scene for 20 years. Pretty apt given his name!
If you've never been to the comedy club before... this is the night to come as you won't be disappointed.

Wouter Meijs is a dutch stand up comedian who returns to Tenerife after 4 years.
Last time he stormed the club leaving audiennces in stitches with his observations of the British and UK life.
Wouter is performing at comedy clubs all over the UK and Europe, honing his unique observational style to all kinds of different audiences. He's quite tall, likes cycling to gigs and his name is pronounced Wow-ter Mice!

Since November 2008 Danny Ward has been travelling Great Britain, often in his T reg Polo, sometimes on the coach, entertaining audiences with his unique style of observational humour.
A self proclaimed tataholic, Danny Ward is on a mission to spread the lesson he refuses to learn – when you try and do things on the cheap, it ends up costing you more.
With a delivery that is up-beat and well honed, his easy-going style is both endearing and very funny.
Danny is the 3rd comedian on this bill to return to Tenerife!

Chris Brooker is the new boy on this bill, as its his first at the Tenerife Comedy Club....but the night will be in safe hands!!
Chris has taken his unique mix of comedy and improvisation to stages all over the world. After a decade on the UK comedy circuit he forged a fine reputation for himself as a stand-up comedian and compère. His versatility has seen him play to audiences of all sizes and backgrounds, winning them over with his infectious enthusiasm, swift wit and immense likeability. Dubbed comedy's ginger Viking by a promoter, he really is a larger than life character.

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