Whitlock v Wade 2 - Friday 27th February 2015

Showdown at Showtime!

by Geoff Huxtable
What a fantastic night we had in the company of two of the best darters in the world last week. James Wade vs Simon Whitlock, part 2, came to the Showtime venue in Las Americas for the second year running and we were treated to a wonderful display as they battled it out for the EZE Group Cup.
After we had been handsomely fed and watered, and enjoyed Roscoe’s interview with the lads, the four young members from the darts league who had been chosen by the committee, took it in turns to go up onto the stage to play either James or Simon.
I am sure they all enjoyed the experience, and will treasure the memory of the evening.
Even though none of our darters got close to taking a leg the encouragement for them and other potential league players here in Tenerife is worth its weight in gold. So, well done to Tom (Bar 180 A), Beck (Bar 180 B), Bryn (Target Army), and Jonnhy (Phoenix Bar), you did us proud.
The reason the lads couldn’t nick a leg was down purely to Wade and Whitlock’s talent. Both men were bang in form all night.
What followed was a display of world class darts as James and Simon threw the kitchen sink at each other over a best of 17 leg contest that had the packed audience cheering to the rafters.
Simon hit a staggering 10 maximums, and held a 6-4 lead, only for James to come storming back after the brief break. James was no slouch on the lipstick as he grabbed five 180s in the final 6 legs. It was an amazing display of world class darts. But Wade finished just that bit better to take the cup that Simon had won the year before.
Great stuff, and a brilliant night at Showtime, which is highly recommended for anyone, not just us darts nuts!
The event has certainly put the Tenerife darts scene firmly on the map and it is now an annual fixture in our calendar. So a big thank you to sponsors, EZE group and Oasis FM.