Stephanie Carr 11th November 2017

Stephanie Carr is a world re-nowned psychic and clairvoyant medium, working with sell-out audiences all round the UK and overseas.
This was her third visit to Showtime, and what a night it was!
The audience were astounded at the accuracy and ease she fed them messages from the other side, leaving believers and sceptics alike, amazed.

Stephanie has just published her long awaited first book, An Ordinary Girl with an Extra Ordinary Gift, which tells the struggle of a gifted spiritual child being raised in a Christian faith family and the conflicts and emotions that it brought her. She shares some of the uncanny accuracies of her readings and visions and how she has become a very well-known respected medium.
She describes at what age and why she decided to embrace her gift and share it with you.

On the subject of Mediumship there are understandably many commonly held myths and misconceptions and often people confuse Mediumship with some kind of fortune telling or some other mysterious phenomena that you might see on the telly!
But the truth is mediumship is about giving those whom we love that have passed over the opportunity to speak with their families and friends here and at best can be extremely accurate!

Of course many people haven't yet received their own proof.... maybe you can next time she's here!